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We believe that natural materials, grown by means of microbial action, hold the promise for the creation of a near future where human activities are not in conflict with the rhythm of the larger ecosystem. On the contrary, we envision a future where humans and microorganisms cooperate for the creation of goods and systems, in a mutually beneficial way.

The mycelium, the vegetative body of mushrooms, consists of a tight network of interlocking filamentous cells (hyphae), forming when fungi colonise organic substrates. While feeding on the nutritious organic materials, the mycelium transforms and binds the separated particles in a cohesive matter, acting as a living glue.

By heating and pressing the compontent the growing process is interrupted and the stability can be increased to reach a equal level of for example wood. The products promises to radically challenge current sustainability standards in furniture and interior design by resulting in 100% renewable, recyclable and compostable outcomes, without compromising performance.

Material research / In progress / Vermland products

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